The End of the World

My wife is a pessimist. I am an optimist. We meet somewhere in the middle. Of course, she says she is realistic!

“So what do you want to do next year?” I asked her.

“I hope Jesus comes back and this world will end. That would be the best.”

“You are always looking for the easy way out!”

We both started laughing, but she said she wants to get her life out of this downward spiral. She feels life is less and less interesting or exciting at this point in life. I think she is reading too many travel books recently.

This is why I stopped reading hiking journal books. They made me very anxious to get out and hike, to have an adventure and actually feeling that way was counter productive. It meant I was not focusing on things that would further me and my family in the right direction. So I simply stopped reading them-even though I like them.

The easy way out. Human nature, but the point is that the future will not plan itself. God knows what will happen, but I also believe we have a responsibility to set out in the right direction-to plan and do.

The new year is about one way away at this time. Thinking about our future is inevitable. Resolutions, ideas and setting out plans are all important if they are positive and improve your life.

I will not use my iPod for the next year. It is a resolution. I will also try to keep up the daily video journal as often as possible. I wish to get at least one new book out there published for Kindle and work to produce many more through the year. These are all positive I feel. My ultimate goal is to pay off my house loan. I have already started to NOT buy anything! So conservation and savings are the key. Slaying the dragon of principle is my goal.

I have been blessed in 2016, God is good. My school is running well, my wife and daughter are healthy and we have a place to live and work with low overhead.

May your new year season be one of reflection and introspection. To turn over a new leaf or plant a new tree in your life.

Keep writing.


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