Content or Content?

I love to write, that is the main reason I started my own blog and slapped my own name on it, but there is something negative about blogging-a race to create content.

content- material that is said, written, broadcast or produced

In this definition I feel a strong desire to make something useful, to be creative, even if not just for the sake of being creative, and start to feel the stress of whether I am doing enough. With the exception of my daily video blogs I sometimes feel a little pressured to create for this space. Not a complaint, all of you who have followed my blog and videos are a source of great encouragement!

content-a feeling of satisfaction, being at ease or peace

A rare commodity in our world right? No, just as easy to have as ever, the message has never changed.

Philippians 4:11 NASB

Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.

Paul was a guy who knew all about being in a bad situation, just read the next verse where he elaborates. The point is that being content in this peaceful was seems to be in grand contrast to the content (e.i. consumable fodder) that many people are creating out on blogs and sites across the web.

This is part of my thoughts recently, so I decided to make some content-I mean-to actually share this feeling here because I think there are other people out there, especially many bloggers, who can relate. Faith vs. Fiction Factory. Feelings vs. Exhibitionism. Truth in Life vs. The NEXT BIG THING.

Ok, I know I am pushing it a little, but the point is that all we need is not here on-line. It is here in-side our world. I hope all of you can find how to be truly content. Then, in that state of satisfaction, tell us all about it in some really wonderful content.

Keep writing, love.


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