Screen Mamas

Months ago I typed out the blog title for this post and never wrote it!

Well what I was going to write about stems from a time my wife and I went to a sushi restaurant for dinner on a Sunday. We were waiting for a table in the lobby with 20 other people and I looked around the room. My wife and I, and a senior aged couple, were the only adults in the place not looking into the screen of a smart phone. Actually my wife and I don’t own smart phones (for shock and begorra!) and I would guess neither did the older couple, but the fact that with all of the children there with their parents, no one was playing with them or taking any notice of them. It was sad really, because I am sure this would have been one of the days when the family was all together at the same time and not separated by work or tiredness.

So Screen Mama’s, that is what I am calling mothers who would rather looked at a screen on a phone instead of into the eyes of their children. I know, I know, kids can be a great source of annoyance, believe me. I’ve been one and got one now folks. But our kids are the future and many people are letting them believe a screen is worth more than they are.

I am finished whining! Oh, and if you’re reading this on a smart phone, I hope the letters are big enough.

Keep writing.


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