The Hinden-tanic and Trump’s Inauguration

My daughter has been into watching Ducktales, the well known Disney TV series that ran when I was growing up. It all started when I got my hands on a copy of Ducktales, The Movie and then she began watching YouTube videos of them. Sad to say, yes I do remember many of the storylines and characters. “Reruns all become our history” as the Goo Goo Dolls song Name once said.

In one episode there was a doomed blimp called the Hinden-tanic, a very clever play on both the Hindenburg and Titanic disasters. I am not going to draw a very strong connection to the up-coming inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump by saying that it is a doomed affair. Just saying that the timing and that old Ducktales episode seemed in humorous juxtaposition in my mind all day today!

I want Trump’s presidency to succeed. I never wanted any of our Presidents to fail, it means we all fail. That is why I am saddened by those in America who are all up in arms about the inauguration and Trump’s personality. I am not a big fan of Dave Chapel, but the man is right-give him a chance. Be happy we are a democracy and have so much already that other nations could never even imagine themselves ever having.

So I pray America itself is not a big Hinden-tanic. Both of those tragedies happened while they were making their way to America. Let it not be a tragedy being America.


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