That’s not Writing, That’s Speaking!

I’ve been experimenting with using Google’s dictation software more the past few days and there has been a sort of mental breakthrough. Not only did I find that I could pump out a lot more words-per-minute than if I typed (and I am not a slow typist), but after a Wi-Fi falter I realized I could dictate even with the internet off. This was a biggy, as I was limited by the connectivity of the device. Must have been something uploaded and turned on to get it to work.

How to use this new tech-writing tool? (Yes, I know it is not new) I will probably use older manuscripts that I have and punch them up through speaking them instead of editing off the page. This should save paper and ink, which cost money, and help in the process of seeing my works in a bigger, broader context. One of the hardest things during editing is seeing the big picture, so this could be at least one technique.

It doesn’t matter-it is the Keep Moving Forward philosophy that is important.

Keep Writing.


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