Get It Out and Get It Down Principle

​Getting into the software on my Android tablet recently. Find doing so is a very rewarding process, if I am focused and set on where my topic is supposed to be. Right now my whole concept is to get down as much as possible of the experiences. Tell the stories I need to get out.
I think the real key to dictating a story, or a work, is to use clearly defined boundaries for what you are going to talk about. Right now today I was working to dictating my experiences hiking on the Appalachian Trail. That experience is something I really enjoyed, I want to share it with everyone, but how do I do that?
This is where Dictation has true power, I call it the “get it out and get it down” concept.
Basically my point is this, if you hold it inside you’re never going to be able to flush out what it is you want produce. Creative people know there’s a barrier to creativity, mainly- stage fright. Self-consciousness is the great enemy of the creative process. I believe Ray Bradbury mentions this in Zen and the Art of Writing. In that particular book, which I studied quite heavily early in my writing career, he mentions how speed is the key to getting down the most honest and truthful writing in your life.
How can you be a faster writer? You can type as quickly as possible, chasing after your story, or idea, trying to track it down. You can grab a pen and begin to scribble down as many ideas as possible, make those word webs, and write down the story in as a quick long hand. Or you can dictate it and put down your story very quickly as well.
That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do with my writing recently. I know I have to edit what I write in order to make it better. I don’t just dictate, then publish what I said, because that would be irresponsible and bad writing. It would be like publishing your Twitter account and people should never fully publish their Twitter account. Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, wrong turns of phrase, bad word choice, the list goes on and on of the kinds of mistakes you can make if you don’t edit correctly.
My focus here is to remind everyone to get out there and start writing. Get the ideas down and then edit. Rince, wash and repeat. Don’t call it work, call it fun, call it exciting, call it your life’s joy-ride. The whole point is to not get self-consciousness bar you or restrict you from writing down, recording what should be your next creative work.
I hope all of you out there are enjoying blogging, or whatever creative process you’re doing, and that the creative process will make you a stronger and fuller person in your life. This is what writing has done for me and I want to pass on- you need to do as much creating as you can, because we only have a short amount of time on this globe to live. Live it well.
Keep writing.


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