Another Review: They Do It With Mirrors

​Today I finished Agatha Christie’s book They Do It With Mirrors. It was one more Miss Marple book. This one was much longer than some of Christie’s other books, having a lot more detail. This book centered around a murder set within a complicated family household. It was quite an interesting read for the way Agatha Christie used multiple viewpoints and retellings of the story to make her facts elaborated upon, making the story more involving. There are times I get tired of Agatha’s style, but this book was not one of them.
I will admit I guessed who the murderer wasabout 1/3 the way through. Even if she used the most roundabout way to get to it, but then most books do so the story reads longer. The book title is catchy and it is used at least three times in the book during one section where they mention stage sets. However, and I hate to spoil anything in the book, mirrors are not involved in the actual crime(s). I won’t go any further, so you can read it and enjoy it for yourself.
As I said there are times when I get tired of Agatha Christie’s style of writing. Sometimes she’s dead on, contemporarily exciting as ever, especially in her Hercule Poirot novels. Miss Marple has a much different story style, I think, in comparison to the Belgian detective, but I like Agatha’s use of an older woman as a character to propel her story along. So give it a read and find out how they do it with mirrors, even if it didn’t do it with mirrors!

Keep writing.


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