Halloween Party, an Out of Season Review!

This was one of those books I started in mid-February, but that I did not expect to be as good as it turned out to be. My last review, of The Mystery of the Blue Train, was published in 1928-but this book was published in 1969! One major difference is seeing Agatha clearly have most of her characters lament the facts of rising murder and crime in Briton during that time. The fact that human life was treated so sadly comes out on every other page, showing she too was getting fed up with the senselessness of a culture in upheaval at the time.

This book is a deep one, pulling on Biblical, psychological and headlines of the times. It also dealt with the feeling of “there’s no place safe” problem a country feels when troubles pop up outside of the cities. Beauty and betrayal are also undercurrents. She also referenced enough Greek myths to make me curious as to why I have never learned any of them!

If you’re looking for a read that will ask deep questions and deal a dose of death then Halloween Party is for you, no matter what the season. Any season for Agatha!

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