What Random Access Memories Means to a Gen-Xer

During the first couple of years, living here overseas in Japan, I got exposed to the music of Daft Punk‘s album Discovery. I thought it was one of the best definitions of how electronic music should sound like-a trip of rhythm, nostalgia and creative fever. Homework was also a great album, but Discovery holds a special place in many peoples minds as an album of high importance.

Then Human After All came out and it was good, but had a disappointing feeling surrounding it. How common this is with Sophomore albums, but it was a great project with songs like Technologic. Fast forward 8 long years and Random Access Memories debuted.

I think what that album meant was grown up music for many people. It was not dance, it was not techo-it was music unlike what we expected. For Gen-Xer’s who have been wading through pop music and fads I think RAM was a grow up moment. I might be wrong, but I write so you can react!

Keep writing.



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