Around the World in Six Years: A Review of Henry Holt’s Sailing Adventure Book

Henry Holt’s adventures aboard his Island Packet boat Chyka (Russian for seagull) is an interesting collection of the highs and lows of his 6 year journey. A man who set out in his late 60’s to do a circumnavigation solo he is an inspiration reminding us that you can do it at any age, even after suffering injury.

He survived the great tsunami in Thailand, storms at sea, dangerous reefs, a rogue wave and many other dangers while also enjoying some of the most exotic places the world has to offer.

Along the way he finds confidence, romance and the green flash. If you don’t know that last one, then I recommend you get a copy of his book and find out.

One thing that was interesting about Mr. Holt was his ability to speak German and French, with his mixture of Spanglish. There are a lot of German sailors out there and his ability to communicate with them, I think, make a big impact on his journey. He now lives on Paradise Island with his wife, but you’ll have to read how he got there to understand the amazing journey he undertook. A great read.

Keep reading!

Keep adventuring!

Keep writing.

Around the World in Six Years, My Mostly Solo Circumnavigation in a 35 Foot Sailboat

By Henry Holt


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