Towards Page Zero: the Agatha Book Review

​I just finished reading Towards Zero, the Agatha Christie mystery novel. It was another novel where the suspects kept changing. One second it’s this person, the next second it’s another person, then it’s the other person again, you can never quite be sure who the murderer really is. Facts, fiction, bits of story pieced together, it’s all in the Agatha Christie style. It’s a good style and I think I like it, but everybody knows it can also get a little tiring.
For me so far this year of Agatha Christie’s books have been an interesting read. They’re Classics, and they should be, but even Classics get tiring. This happens when you read the same authors books many, many, times in a row. Especially with the formulaic murder mystery genre. I think Death on the Nile and Mystery of the Blue Train we’re both excellently written books. Towards zero starts out with a very interesting premise but I believe by the end has a very formulaic ending. Is not to discredit Agatha, she was an amazing author, but at the same time her style gets a little tiring. Anyway I still recommend the book, it’s a great read and it’s has its twists and turns.
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