Finally a Regular Blog Post!

Sitting with the sun on my back, warming me and making me feel good, I wait as my wife hangs laundry up stares. The day is quiet as Grace is sleeping on the sofa recovering from a fever she had last night. I have a good attitude today, even though I did not sleep well last night.
My father-in-law seems to be in a good state after his surgery. My mother-in-law is also doing fine. We will try and invite her to have dinner at the house here. She is sort of lonely at her own home.
I have three days off and plan, once my wife comes down, to head out to JA Matto to see if I can buy some flowers for the front of the house. Every year we invest in flowers and have been slow to do it this year. A lupine is coming back in the front and I plan on surrounding it with pansies.
Our pet love bird died this past Saturday and even now I feel the impact of it. Basically everything is quiet. No one to say hello to when I come down in the morning and start up the heater or the coffee maker. She is not there to check on, or to hear her greet me with a chirp. Same goes for when we return home after being out for a trip. She was always excited about our return.
Chocolate, my daughters docile and good natured hamster, is a good pet-but of course it is just not he same. He sleeps all day! And he is so docile that he barely moves much of the time. I gave him some fresh apple today, which reminds me……
I am trying to get back into the juicing/smoothy thing that was my habit for over a year. Winter got me out of the habit because I just didn’t feel like drinking cold liquid in a cold room after washing and peeling cold veggies. The temps are up, and so is my determination to get back on the smoothy wagon!
Maybe you are wondering what I mean by a smoothy. Well I put the following ingredience into a blender and mix them, drinking them as my breakfast.
aujiru (a green powder made from kale or grass)
komatsuna (Japanese horse spinach-it is much more bitter and full of fiber)
1 apple
1-2 bananas
1-4 carrots (depending on the size)
1 or more cups of 100% soy milk
blend and serve
The original idea was yogurt, soy milk, banana and komatsuna-but I added apple and carrots because I know the benefits of these to health. Also adding an apple seems to keep my blood sugar more stable between breakfast and lunch.
Benefits? Well obviously fiber is a major component which would help anyone. The lower calories make the drink good as a diet, but I drink 2 1/2 cups of it and that volume keeps me full until lunch. While I am in the habit of drinking this I feel much better-slimmer is the word-and am happier too.
The clouds close in overhead, but I am feeling good with today. Got new flowers in the ground, posted another video blog, will have gotten this blog post up I am sure, and relaxed a bit. May all of you reading have a great blogging, web surfing, life breathing day!
Keep writing.


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