Blogging-What is it good for? Absolutely Everything!


Got a headache today, a result of my body fighting off a virus? Not sure what it is so I just try and ignore it and move on. Life and its little pains.

Got another video blog post up and happy to have almost 90 videos in. That is good, for I will be happy if I can get more than a 100-sort of the goal, but I am going to keep going until something stops me.

To be honest the video blogs have not been a challenge in the get-it-done sense. They are easy to shoot and edit. The goal of posting them each day has brought a couple of benefits and at least two draw backs.


-more blog views

It’s just the truth that the posts bring in more views because they are regular.

-keep me more aware of what to be thankful for

Telling people about your life makes the good things stand out, at least it does for me. You should be thankful for something every day


-not getting out typed posts

Because the video posts take more immediate attention, I haven’t been able to put out printed posts like I should and like many of the follows of this blog had expected

-Not getting my book writing done

This might be true of blog posting too, but anything can get in the way of my “writing” to be a writer ideal. Hey life does this all the time, so maybe it is just one more thing in the way!

Either way there has been one really good thing that has come out of the video blog posting and that is encouraging likes from many regular followers of my blog. That is great and thank all of you so much. You are helping me reach my dream-to be an author someday.

As a side though, what do some of you think of the way WordPress is changing their formats and stats? I am not saying I dislike them, just that when I first started on WordPress many years ago my blog was getting many more views from people at large. Now most views are through the reader or those following me. All well and good, but it seems like far less are seeing my blog now, compared to before. And I am uploading content to this blog far more than my last. Any ideas or comments on this?

I was thinking of creating a mirror on Blogger to re-post material, anyone tried that before? On the other hand keeping it simple would be a lot better!

I like WordPress and the community it has helped foster in many ways. Thanks to all of you and I will write more posts of the typed type in the near future!

Keep writing.


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