That is the the title, and that is the things that all writers are seeking to do. To make progress on anything at all is the ultimate joy for the creative person. Look at the paper and bleed people! No, well yes. There is a need to invest, but it should be a fun investment.

Writing is work, there is no getting around it, but why not make progress and smile at the same time. No sense beating your fingers and your forehead to a pulp on the pulp if you are not getting a thrill out of it! Editing might be your thrill, sitting down and hammering the keys might be your thrill, speaking the story might be your thrill. Then thrill as much as possible and your created thing will be better for it. And do it quickly will you? Not because I think life should be screaming along, but because if you do it that way you’re probably going to be more honest.

I am a Christian, for instance. That makes me both honest and self editing. I could say a whole lot more, but my faith often keeps me in check from saying what would be wrong. Not always bad, not always honest, but not always bad. If my faith is important it better impact my writing-for the better.

Progress, it is a heavy and hearty word. It means something and we as writers what our words to progress from our fingers or lips to your eyes so that they can impact you and gather up a reaction.

“Music that creates some kind of reaction” as the old Chemical Brothers song once said. I have tried to take that to heart, because progress means getting a reaction sometimes. It means feeling people move forward, or pushing back.

I hope, for all of your sake, and mine, that you are trying to be honest as bloggers and writers in general. That you are all pushing your past yourselves to impact others. I’ve typed my peace.

Keep writing.


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