Head Hunting Blog Numbers

I am not one to post comments on others blogs. It just isn’t me unfortunately and I want to connect with only the people who I find interesting or are doing something amazing that inspires me. So I am not going to go out and head hunt for readers!

Basically there are people who are so desperate for readers that they will try anything to get people’s attention. I have done this myself when I had my last blog, thepapertigerpress, which was a great blog and I loved experimenting with it. One thing I did was hunted down as many Happy New Year blog posts one year and made comments on them. Because most of the people then saw my comment while on their break they checked out my blog and the views of course skyrocketed for a couple of days. It was an interesting experiment, but I don’t think I will do it again.

One thing that has kept the readers/viewers coming back has been my daily video blogs this year. Doing them has doubled the number of people checking out my sight. Videos are much more accessible for some people and the medium makes a different sort of connection. It gets more “likes” from people, which is very flattering, because they see me as I am every day. The ups and downs are definitely more noticeable on the a daily video than in the print form. Typing hides things, speaking often doesn’t do it with grace!

So I am not going head hunting recently, just focusing on making better content. I am inspired by some interesting things in the past few months, mainly sailing and sailboats. There is one woman who liked a previous blog who is living on a boat and I should really check out her sight.

Life is good, but my emotions and my ideas often clash this spring time. Cherry blossoms and green grass, warm nights and howling at the moon. May all things bring us closer to where we wish to be.

Keep writing.


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