Dear Dr. Katz, or How I Found the Best Mouthwash on Earth

As an English teacher it behooves me to be clean of breath. After all, people come to hear me speak and copy me, why would they want to cringe from an odorous oral cavity?

My wife pointed this out to me. Wive’s have a habit of pointing out what their husbands do not realize, much to the men’s self-conscious detriment at times. I thought she was just being annoying, but she wasn’t and soon I tried everything to eliminate the smell she told me was there. Blue alcohol based mouth washes made the smell worse! Can you believe it?

Then we went back to the States for our usual month long trip to see family. I checked out Walmart and boyza am I glad I did. In a blue or green bottle I saw the slightly expensive rinse called Therabreath. I bought it, even though it was $8 a bottle, and followed the instruction.


To my delight the rinse worked. It is hands down the best mouth rinse I have ever used. The beauty of the situation was that after I returned to Japan I found out that many items (including, you guessed it Therabreath rinse) could now be shipped cheaply internationally from the States.

So now I stock up and use it for about 4 months until I order more. If you ever doubted your breaths freshness, especially if you are a teacher, check it out!

Keep gargling!



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