How Do You Spell Successss?

I was thinking about this after teaching my morning classes. As an English teacher in a foreign country the idea of running a successful school is a goal some people have here. My thought was, How do you become successful?

If I had to spell it with one word it would be WORK. You need to do the work to get the success. Like the old yarn, “The harder I work the luckier I seem to be,” definitely holds true when it comes to running an English school.

Teaching is often rewarding on a purely mental level-it is just great to see people getting better at something and you are the tool helping them progress. But money is important and thankfully I can make a living at what I do. It has taken me nearly 10 years of teaching lessons, posting fliers and talking to people to build up this little school and for that I am very thankful. God saw the hard work my wife and I have poured into it and has blessed us both in so many ways.

Don’t be lazy, whatever you do in life. Work is NOT letting your life pass by, it is being responsible and taking it by the grips. I hope everyone out there is enjoying their work, whatever that might be. Do it to your best, even if overlooked, and you will find a reward in it.

Keep writing. And keep working at writing!


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