Numbers, Smumbers!

I have finished 100 video blogs this year and one thing seems to be bothering me about the whole thing. Not that I am worried about numbers, lands no! But at the same time there has been some interestingly depressing things on that sight of video sights YouTube, where my videos are uploaded too (of course).

Basically, even though many people are liking my videos on WordPress, YouTube shows only 1 or 2 views per video. Some videos, like #99, show no views at all. Hmm, because people have “liked” it here on WordPress they must have seen it….

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I guess the answers have to do with the videos being viewed through sights other than YouTube, so the views are not representative in any way of reality.

Wait just a minute! Am I being a narcissist? A selfy-sizer? A poser? Well I did just finish 100 video blogs, so….. No, I am an average dude who has a goal of making a video blog every day. Oh, and trying to get my next book out the door, and trying to be the best loving father, husband, English teacher possible. That about cover it?

Keep writing, please-I’m begging you!


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