“I’m done with the internet” and Other Stupid Things Friends Say

Ah FaceBlock, how you have wasted peoples lives. You have added more wasted time to our lives than other past ideas, like say the rotary phone. Or maybe-Tetris. But it is a place to find people saying things you would never hear on TV, because even TV has some sort of standard.

“I’m done with the internet” Says my long time friend, and there is almost sarcasm oozing from his font. Dark humor aside, he was shocked when I made a comment to him about something because he was in South America. “How did you know I was going to (so and so a place)?” I saw it on his previous post I told him. “Ah, SpyBook!” Well then why post something that is set for public (!) I thought, but did not type. He is, after all, a friend in the pre-FaceBoogy sense of the word.

“Drop me a letter sometime.” Was my reply.

The internet is a big thing to talk about. There are good things and very bad things contained within it. There are many blogs are dedicated to both sides. Me, I am staying neutral for now. After all, I keep this blog don’t I?

Keep writing, even if you’re not on the internet.


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