Mid-Life Mood Swing

Life is full of interesting things often making us pay attention to them. Recently I spent a day in an emotional flux of great highs and lows (mostly the latter) manically trying to snap out of my negative viewpoint.

Is it mid-life? A crisis of identity or purpose? On looking back it seems fickle to me that my thoughts and emotions can be so brittle when I least expect them to be. At the same time it is a bit unnerving. I like to keep my mind, heart and life under control.

The Bible says in the book of James that there are people who can be like boats, driven anywhere the wind, or as the illustration is meant to show ideas and trends, pushes them. They are unstable and not to be trusted. Well I look at those verses and think hard about life, trying my best to not be a person who swings their mind wildly around because thoughts can not often be trusted.

Maybe I just need more exercise. This time of year is busy and I don’t get what I probably need-a good sweating out and physical stressing to signal to my body that hey, yes I am alive!

I am taking it in stride though, knowing God is watching over me in all things. I can’t lose hope then. Another day beckons and it is time to teach another class.

Keep writing-it will keep you balanced.


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