“It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”

Of course MJ was talking about his baby, but I was thinking about Othello, a game I just recently learned to play. I also found out how to get my daughter angry at me. Well winning isn’t everything, at least it shouldn’t be.

Othello is a very popular game here in Japan. My wife said she always wanted to play it, but family members stopped playing it with her due to her anger at always losing.

I am glad she picked it up for my daughter as it is a good strategy game and easy to pick up and play any time. Though not as popular with my little girl as connect 4 it is still one we play every other day.

Games are good for the mind and trying new ones make the challenge even more exciting. I recommend you go out and get a game to play today, who knows, you might like it.

Keep writing-and observing, so you can write more.


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