Reading-Confessions of an Insomniac

OK, I am not really a clinically diagnosed insomniac. What I do have is trouble sleeping, mainly because shutting off my brain is harder than shutting down a Windows 95 computer used to be like. Actually I am much slower.

My solution? Reading books and instructional manuals. Why do you think I have done so many Agatha Christie book reviews? Because they are easy to read while trying to fall asleep-though some have actually kept me awake, go figure.

I remember once a student mentioning she had to do a report in university on The Great Gatsby. I went out and found a copy of it and read it in one night. I finished around 3 in the morn. I am not a fast reader, it was just a short book.

This personality quirk makes it possible for me to read large amounts of material. Especially in the winter when the mean room temperature is around 8C or less. I never read books until I moved to Japan, but I’ve made up for my youthful lack!

I hope all of you are out there reading what inspires and delights you. Whether it is an excuse to help you sleep or the desire to be entertained, keep reading.

Oh, and keep writing, too.


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