Good-bye Film, forever…..

I used to have a lot of film cameras. My grandfather and I were collectors of vintage photographic equipment and even though it is only a decade or so-it feels like 30 years ago now!

In fact the last thing my grandfather gave me was a camera, one of his Leica’s. He had held onto it for a while and finally gave it to me before he passed on. I have never used it, which is sad in a way, and I even thought about selling it at one point.

My first camera I still have, surprisingly another gift my grandfather picked up while we were going to garage sales together. It is an Olympus OM-1n (split range viewfinder) and I used it all through high school and college.

My last fun, film camera was a Mamiya C220 that takes 120 film (medium format in a square format). It was fun, until there was no place to develop film anymore. And so it has gone, especially here in Japan where film was discarded much faster than even in the States.

Nostalgia is part of life. Things change, there is no getting around it. Digital cameras allow us to take better pictures than film (I can hear the debaters storming about that comment!), because more people now can pick up a camera and not only take pictures, but also take very good video too. Film was a medium, not a technique I would like to add. It is in the technique, not the medium that makes a picture better.

Ah, the past of film slipped away too face I feel. After 145 years of film as the dominant medium it vanished. My wedding pictures were taken on film and that was 2004. I remember an excellent news title when Kodak filed for bankruptcy-One too Many Negatives.

Keep writing.


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