Sailing Adventure Book Review: This Is It: 2 hemispheres, 2 people and 1 boat

After just finishing Jackie Parry‘s book of adventure across the Pacific I feel it was a tough journey! The storms, the sights and the people made the voyage interesting as well as informative. This book is popular on Amazon Kindle and it’s not hard to see why.

Named after the Micheal Jackson movie they watched shortly before leaving San Francisco in their new-to-them boat SV Pyewacket II, the two tackle a big ocean. It was interesting hearing all of the places they went to along the way.

I wish there was more intimate detail in the description of people, but Jackie is a great writer and to write this seems a bit misleading. She gives great detail. Maybe what I mean is if she could have given more personal stories of conversations and places it would have felt intimate, but again it was a good read.

If you are looking for an adventure to far off land by a sail boat then this is one of the books for you.

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