Type To Keep Going Forward

Typing to create has not been on my mind recently-in the book making sense. I have been micro-blogging as I would call it most of the time. This means making many articles for posting content on my sight. Besides the daily video blogs I am posting up to three typed posts a day-one of the latest would have been the 300 posts, post.

The point is my mind has been doing work in very small chunks snatched between work hours. My job, teaching English, has given me more free chunks of time than if I can worked at other things. Yet right now has been an exceptionally busy one in the teaching front of the job, so my ability to sit and type out long thoughts has been limited to single sitting speed posts. Am I proud of this? Does it bother/worry/excite me? Is this the wrong thing to do with my writing time?

The answer is; better doing something than nothing. Blogging is still creating. It is doing something to move forward, even if it is moving in a zig-zag sideways snake like motion towards becoming a writer. If I am blogging that makes me a writer, just like making a video post every day gives me the right to be called a YouTuber here in Japan.

I think that my writing, and life as a whole, is coming to a turning point. Sure I love teaching and am not giving up on that work/career. Do I want to become a writer? Yes, yes I do, but that one is the unproven path that still needs blazing. Proof on that one would have to provide an income. It would have to get something back from its efforts.

I make a living as a teaching, it pays all my bills. Writing hasn’t even paid off the software I bought to help format my books for Kindle, and that only cost $40. I have only a smattering of sales-which I am beyond flattered to have and grateful for, because it is progress of a sort.

I write to inspire myself to get the work done. To kick myself in the work-ethic-back-pants into productive action. Life is going to keep racing along if I do or don’t and I would rather be doing than don’ting. Whatever it takes for you to keep motivated, do it and keep creative. Please, it is so important.

Keep writing, because if you do you haven’t failed.


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