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My efforts at trying to get out more material on my blog have made in roads with people. Thanks all of the new followers!


My video blogging might have to take most of the credit as it definitely improved the number of people checking out what it is I do here on my sight.


Big question: should I switch over to the full WordPress sight? Is it worth it? I guess it is basically that I don’t want to spend money to have myself represented on the internet unless it is self supporting. Maybe taking up Patreon or some other sort of donations based thing would be good…. On the other hand I don’t want to both people about it!


Blogging has been my main writing at this present time. I was working all last year on my two books, Gold River City 100 and Killing the Paper Tiger and after they were published I really hit the hammer on the blog posting front. It has helped people to connect with me and I am very happy and humbled by this. Maybe having just a simple, no frills deal here is the right way after all.


My daughter is busily playing around here in my classroom and I am happy to have her enjoying all of the many things my teaching material can bring to her life. What we do should enrich others, being a parent and a teacher has taught me this. And the best teachers are good students because they are always trying to learn how to do better. Which is also what I am doing here.


May you all be having a great blogging and vlogging day!


Keep writing, and making videos, yeah that is fun too!


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