Castanets, Fishing Line and a Hook

“Where you off to Old Jonhsson?”

I had seen the old man fiddling in the back of his pickup in the Walmart parking lot.


“Great day for it.”


“You sure you got everything you need?”

“I do. Got me some new line, package of hooks and a set of castanets.”

Now I’ve know Old Johnsson since before I was born and he had always stuck me between the eyes when he got the chance so I walked up to him with a quizzical expression and put the question to him.

“You got new line.”

“Yep, 30 pound test weight.”

“And a package of hooks.”

“That I do.”

“And a set of castanets.”

“That’s right.”

“The other two make sense, but castanets?”

“Sure, an old man can try something new can’t he?”

“Try all you like, but castanets?”

“I read about it working from the internets.”

I scratched my head as he sauntered up, pulling open his door.

“What did you learn?”


Keep writing.


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