The Trouble with North Korea Is-


From the Japanese position North Korea is more than a threat, it is a thief. Sitting here on the 85th anniversary of the Peoples Army in North Korea, wondering what they will do and praying they won’t, I consider the side of the picture many Japanese might be thinking about: the abducts.

During a period of 30 years people were abducted from the Japanese west coast and taken to North Korea to be used as teachers of the language and to gain information about Japan. As a person living in this region I find it frightening. It is an easy area to snatch a person from with its inlets and rocky shores mixed with hard packed sand beaches. People were taken, and might still be alive in North Korea today.

My dream would be for the two Koreas to become one, for the sake of the Korean people, not for military of strategic reasons. China doesn’t really want an American backed united Korea bordered right up to itself I am sure. Yet why should the Korean people be separated? They are a family and the line might be night and day between the two sides now, but they should be united once more.

So I come back to the Japanese view. United with their abducted relatives who were taken into the North and could get freedom once again, like the small group that was released back a decade ago to the shock and amazement of the world. Will Megumi Yakota ever see her parents before they pass on? That is what many people are wondering.

In all of the bluster and pomp there is great hunger for freedom. May freedom come, and swiftly.

Keep writing, and thinking about a better tomorrow.


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