Better Get Out There

Went for a short hike on Monday and thankful to just be out and not in the house. Weather is a fickle thing here in Ishikawa, Japan. We get a lot of rain and that makes for less hiking so a sunny day is a chance to go-wait I have to work. I have to do business around town. I have to-

Life gets in the way of getting out into nature. If it isn’t rain it’s work. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we all have to work. I just mean that looking out the window and seeing the sun shine ought to propel me out there when the chance arises.

Japan is a much more natural place than you would probably expect. I live on the West coast which is much more forested with a smaller population. There are bear and wild boar and monkeys around. Poisonous snakes slither across muddy hiking paths. A confusion or insects hum through the forest. Of course this is where I would rather be than sitting teaching, though teaching is exciting and I am often not sitting! You don’t sit down in kids classes, let me type you.

To put a sharp point on this post my advice is to get out and enjoy your surroundings when you have the chance. Especially in the seasons that make your particular area come to life. Happy trails.

Keep writing.


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