Being an English Teacher in Japan (Part 2)

Language is a bridge as much as a barrier. It is the whole point of my job as an English teacher, but I myself suffer from an inability to communicate in many situations. Living in a foreign land has been both an eye opening and ear shutting experience at times.

Teaching is of the most positive importance. If my life had not lead me, meaning if God had not directed it so, to be an English teacher, I don’t know what would have happened to me. Teaching fits my optimistic side, it shows itself off in the belief that people can learn and act. We all remember the good teachers, and the bad ones too, don’t we?

So here in Japan teaching, as a profession, is enjoyable and dare I say lucrative. It supplies my needs. After 17 years it is still worth getting up in the morning for. There is still excitement in the effort, which is part of the awe of being able to do a job I think is fun!

Yes, I would like to be a writer someday. I would like to sail off in to the unknown while making funds by the bounty of works sold. Reality tells me though that teaching is where I belong right now, and will probably be for the next foreseeable future. It is what I feel comfortable doing and hopefully my students feel that way too!

Keep writing, and try teaching if you’re inclined.


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