Rain on the Green Grass

Rain on the green grass

rain on the tree

rain on the roof tops

but not on me

This is the Mother Goose rhyme my daughter was saying this morning as she looked out the window and the rain did fall on the green grass. She has been listening to the Mother Goose rhymes every night as read them to her. I am amazed by them because I don’t remember hearing any of them as a child. Oh, a few of them sure, but many have been a completely new experience and I am happy to read them nightly to my daughter. She tries to remember them and repeats them often.

How important are these old nursery rhymes? I think very, especially as so few kids these days understand rhyming and poetry. They are lost arts, and please don’t tell me rap is a fair substitute! No, it is the old rhymes that seem to stick and I am happy my daughter actually likes them.

Look to the past for inspiration.

Keep writing.


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