When I’m Not Writing, I’m Thinking About Writing!

Guilt is a powerful motivator. I know the more I write the better off I may be in my goal of becoming a self-supporting author, but I do work another job! I also have a daughter who wants me to spend time with her, which I do my best to be the dedicated father. Yet writing is always in the back of my mind.

Creativity has never been the problem for me. The problem is one of production. So finding (or better yet making) time to write can be a labor of love. My wife believes my writing is a hobby, that it shouldn’t be taken seriously, basically that I will not succeed. She has some good grounds for this-because fiscally I have not been a success.

The trouble with writing as a job, and I am getting off topic, but bare with me please, is that you don’t see anything for your work much of the time. As a teacher I make a living by the number of lessons I teach, students I see. There is a direct relation between work and salary. Not so with writing.

Countless hours have been spent writing, editing, rewriting and formatting. I get all the way to the last step, submit my book on Amazon-and nothing happens. Nothing at all. So in that sense my wife is right about writing, it doesn’t pay and I am not going to be a starving artist.

Back to getting time, well monetary success aside I actually like to write, love it or I wouldn’t be doing it, so there is the aspect of doing something because you love it. If I am not sitting on my sofa or at my classroom table typing on my Alphasmart NEO (like right now) then I am standing up and dictating into an old ACER Inspire One formatted with Ubuntu and running Google Docs which has an excellent talk type feature. My job is not the traditional 9-5 so I can make the time to type here and there, after lesson preparation or before a lesson is to begin.

The point is, if you are a writer, and don’t let us get into an argument about what a writer is, then a writer should be writing because you love to write and feel compulsions to do so more often than not. So I am writing, believe me, stopping means failure (for whom? Well for me I guess) and I am not going to fail. I’ll prove my wife wrong one of these days. Wait and see. I want to prove her wrong so that she can instead be pleasantly surprised!

Keep writing, and inspiring, yeah that helps too!


2 thoughts on “When I’m Not Writing, I’m Thinking About Writing!

  1. This for some reason is the first blog I’ve seen from you. I loved how you wrote about writing. I agree with you in that it is good to write when you love it.


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