Impressed With Google Talk Typing

Funny that I am not writing this blog post with the title in mind-instead typing on my trusty Alphasmart NEO, but my review still counts.

I had used the Android feature of Google dictation for Keep, the note taking application on my tablet. It did the trick, even off line, but there seemed to be something lacking with it. Dragon Dictation on my iPad was slightly better at catching things, but had to be on line and only took in app notes. Then I tried a trick someone mentioned for recorded audio to text-the Google talk typing in Google Docs.

True you have to be on line to make it work, but I was really shocked at how well it picked up what I said compared to other methods. Best of all it is free!

I have been reluctant to purchase Dragon Dictation (any #) because of the big complaints people mentioned on reviews placed on Amazon. Some were horrific and mainly detailed the lack of customer support. I believe Dragon probably has the best handle on dictation software, but you have to pay through the nose for it. Google really surprised me with their take on dictation performance. It really is better than you might expect.

Downsides? Lack of punctuation. I would really like to add quotation marks for spoken conversations, but this doesn’t appear to be supported. Some other formatting points would be useful, but basically it’s ability to catch accurately what I am saying is the biggest draw for me. As mentioned in my last post, I’m either typing or I am dictating, so far it is working for me. Check it out.

Keep writing, any way you can.


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