I believe the best exercise is probably walking. It seems to help both the body and soul. Oddly I have been thinking about the soul recently, how important and overlooked it is in modern life. Walking keeps my mind active so I can think on things like the soul and the meaning of life.

Luckily I live in a place where walking at night is really safe and I can amble through rice fields or neighborhoods contemplating the depth of my own navel. The longer the walk the better I feel, making some of my walks especially long, but internally gratifying.

My grandfather was a walker. He would make a very long loop around the roads surrounding his upstate New York home. I believe it added years to his life, along with much enjoyment seeing nature everyday.

So I salute walking, for all its benefits and joys. For its low impact, free cost and low fat content. If you have a chance, please walk today!

Keep writing, and walking, that’s good too.


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