Posting Notes

I have been posting fliers for my school more often this month. While posting I often make observations about the houses I visit and what I see. The other day a towel hanging in a garage had something like this printed on it:

You’ve got to enjoy life to the fullest!

True, I can’t argue with that, and it is grammatically correct after all. Sadly it was hanging in a garage on a metal pole where the words didn’t seem to match the setting. Another place, this time a person’s front porch, had a post box which stated:

US Postal Service Approved

OK, but it wasn’t even shaped like an American post box. Some Chinese company has simply lifted the text off a real post box, you know the type with the red flag on the side, and printed it on a metal Japanese style post box. Well well well……

These are not the most interesting ones, but I run across them so often that I do become numb to them. It is part of living life in a different place. But I need to keep the old peepers open and alert to the next oddity. So out I go posting fliers again-Hope you’re all having a great day!

Keep writing.


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