Life In a Flight Path

This post is about fly overs, engine noise and self defense. OK, about Japanese self defense fighter jets really. My home is in the a flight path for the local air port, though that is some distance away. The noise is not major and doesn’t shake the windows or wake us up early in the morning, but it is there and I do notice it.

Funny that I would grow up near another air base in America, the old Stewart Air force Base in Newburgh New York, then years later buy a house where I again am hearing air traffic noise. Granted this is not like the revving of the C5 heavy lift plains of my youth, just passenger and fighter jets doing sorties.

The fighter jets are an interesting lot. I used to teach some of the pilots at my old English company and they seem like good enough fellas. They told me there is a flight path for the base. Always ready in case North Korea gets the dandruff up!

Then the passenger planes lumber over, not directly so, off to the west a bit. They are all different makes from the small private type to the big JAL and ANA jets that pull routes between Komatsu and Tokyo 8 times a day or so.

Is it good? Bad? No, just part of life.

Keep writing, and look up sometimes-you might be surprised what you see.


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