Kitchen Yuki or The Way Restaurants Used to Be In Japan

Roadside restaurants were once a common part of the driving experience along the major routes of the land of the rising sun. Mom and Pop establishments that catered to everyone and offered up fair that ranged from greasily indigestible to, well whatever the opposite would be (flaky perhaps?).


When I first arrived here in the land, 17 long years ago, the road side establishment of Kitchen Yuki was one of the few places you could always go to and get a bite. They served up Kanazawa curry, which is a sort of curry that is very dark and strong flavored-almost black really. It’s not true Indian style curry though. However it goes well on pasta or fried pork. Another thing is that they have dishes that include one of each of pasta and curry rice. Sort of a carbohydrate two-fer!


Good eats.

Keep writing.


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