Tales of Luna-C

The story of Steve and Beverly is one that has probably happened to many. They got a boat and sailed through the Caribbean. What makes this different is how the story is told and Steve is an excellent writer!

It’s the delivery that makes the difference in writing (believe me I know!) and Steve did an excellent job tell his tail in a frank, funny and self-deprecating manner that stuck in my mind after reading.

I got it for only .99 cents on Kindle and it was well worth the price. At times shocking, other times hilarious, once in a while relevant, Steve’s book should be priced higher, honestly.

One of the reviewers on Amazon said it was written like a collection of bar stories, but I would have to disagree with that idea. Sure people can weave a good tale while on a stool, but Steve tells it like a writer should and brings out the details that hit you like a well timed joke should.

I recommend this read for anyone interested in sailing and especially south to the Bahamas and beyond. Bev and Steve’s adventure shows what some cruisers lives are like, what the dangers can be and what can happen if you eat peanuts. A great read that made me laugh!

Keep writing, Steve!


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