Have You Ever Wondered….?

Digging through the closet of my English school classroom I came across three notes that I had saved during one of our visits to the States. We stayed in the beautiful Christmas Farm Inn located in the pretty New Hampshire town of Jackson. These three notes were left in our room by the cleaning staff.


So why did I keep them? Because, even though I am an English speaker and teacher of English, these notes surprised me in how hard it was to read them. As a teacher I could not resist saving them as examples to show people here in Japan.


I am not trying to make a judgment about another person’s ability to write, but well, I am making this one. It seems some place along the line this young lady learned to write in a much different way than I had learned. Maybe she didn’t learn to write at all and was winging it? Maybe she was used to using a screen and had trouble with a thing called a pen? Maybe she had been drinking? I digress, because obviously she has her own style and I am making a bit of fun out of it at her expense. Yet….. this note was left to communicate with customers, guests, in a business. That should mean something when it comes to clarity.


I hope you enjoyed these notes!

Keep writing.


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