Reading His Dream: Book Review for Dick Allan

Dick Allan’s adventure sailing book was a long read, almost as long as circumnavigating! No, but it did have a lot of bang for the buck. His book is Sailing My Dream: A Voyage Around the World in a Small Sailing Boat.

Allan and crew aboard the SV Greylag join a Tour Winds group setting off from Gibraltar and clocking West across the Atlantic, through the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, across the Pacific through Tahiti and Looping up along Australia, then across to Thailand, Sri Lanka and around to Oman. Through the Suez Canal, the Med and then unexpectedly taking the canals through France. The French leg (no not a type of chair) through the canals is a refreshing shift from the daily sea squalls, depth soundings and rolling anchorages.

Allan’s style is simple and full of detail, though can be for some readers unfamiliar with the genre a bit repetitive. Overall he did a great job and it was an interesting journey back in 1996-7. Now I just need to find something newer!

Keep writing.


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