Where? A very Shrt Stry

“You know, it has been a while since we had an adventure.”

The two men sat in the coffee shop looking out the window at the passing pedestrians.

“I know. But that’s life Steve.”

“It’s life as you make it. Look Donny, there’s got to be something you’ve wanted to get doing. I know you-”

“Yeah, I do, but listen-”

“No you listen Donny. You’ve been working night and day in that office, hammering away at the sales figures, meeting with your customers, building things up. It’s time to take a brake and live-look at yourself.”

Donald Grear looked at himself in the cafe window. He looked older, but not dignify-ably old.

“I was thinking,” He rubbed at his shaved smooth, undignified face, “I might want to grow a beard.”

“A beard?” Steve drank nervously from his cup. “A beard, that’s your idea of an adventure?”

“When was the last time I grew one?”

“When youuuu-were hiking!”

“Yeah, when I was hiking. What do you say to a hike?”

“It can’t be as simple as that.”

“Steve.” Donald shook his head. “First you want me to jump up and run toward the setting sun like a cowboy, and now you’re questioning my big idea?”

“It’s never as simple as you say.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” He sipped his coffee and looked out the window. “It’s also where you’re right.”

“I knew it. What’s on your mind Donny.”

“We get a gang together and we go for a hike. Then-”

“Then?” Steve leaned forward, he was always pensive and ready for more.

“Nothing is finalized, but-” Donald paused and looked out the window.


“We’ll see.”

Steve deflated in his chair and sipped at his drink. He’d call the gang, it was time to hit the trail. He smiled. Things were finally starting to come together.

Thanks for reading, and for following my eclectic blog.

Keep writing.


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