Blogging and the Bloggers Who Blog Them

Blogging is an interesting activity. It involves thought, tenacity and creativity. It harvests life’s experiences. On top of this it is fun to blog!

But blogging is like any relationship-frustrating at the worst of times, exciting at the best. I’ll start with what makes it exciting, I am a rather positive person after all!

Writers know they have to “get things out there” in order to feel productive. Written material is meaningless unless placed for an audience to see. Vain, maybe, but it is the gauge by which we can judge productivity.

Blogs get the words out, and can make writers more productive and feeling happy because “I posted something” can be very fulfilling. We can also share anything and that leads to opening up hidden doors of writing opportunity.

Ah, the frustrating bit is also linked to the vanity bit. Just like Vanity Smurf needs a mirror to admire himself and is lost without one, so the blogger who has no views. Many a blogger posts their heart and never sees a number next to the eye mark on the blog views. This is especially frustrating when the post was meant as an information/advice or current events posts.

However, instead of forever, blogging balances out just like most relationships do, by being a place to reside more than a place to confide. It becomes comfortable, this blogging thing.

And so (as I start a sentence with the word and) This is blogging. To tell and be and live. So live on bloggers-live on!

Keep writing.


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