I’d Like to Learn to Throw My Voice, But How Would I Get it Back?

Life teaches you many lessons, that is true. In fact that first sentence can only be known from observing life and learning from it! Writing and teaching give the practitioner a great deal of opportunity to see mistakes and refine weaknesses. The other side of the coin is how difficult criticism really can be-from within as much as from without.

There are a great many things I have learned from being a writer. Patience, determination, making good habits, taking a critical look, using more expressive words, simplifying, cutting out the fat and never giving up. I have gotten over the facts that I will not sell any books, that my wife steadfastly thinks of my writing as “your hubby” (unless she notices a deposit of money from a book sale) and that my closest family and friends will have less interest in what I am up to than what is happening on a news show on any given morning.

Teaching is a different bag of apples altogether now. I get feed back instantly, I make a profit at my job, habits are lessons and I have an actual classroom to do my work in. My wife is all for more classes and students. I am thankful for all of my students and their parents. And of course teaching children is a lot of fun on any day of the week.

In the end my two jobs balance each other. Both are up-lifting and have their days, but only one is an income source. Dream big some people say, well yes I can do that! But you also have to be practical too-if you love your day job quitting it would be a foolish direction. I would rather teach than do only writing. My wife would definitely sigh in relief to me typing this!

I hope all of you are enjoying your writing times and your life times. For to live is where the flavor dwells. Good day to you all.

Keep writing, but don’t quit your day job if you love it!


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