The Editing Phase

There are people out there who hate editing. This is understandable, after all it is the act of changing what you have written in order to make it better. It can be daunting, challenging and tiring.

I have been lucky in that I actually don’t mind editing. Writing is only one part of the equation in a chain of steps necessary for getting a work out the door. I know that if I don’t do it I won’t finish-and the goal is ALWAYS to finish what I’ve started, within reason naturally.

While editing my thoughts revolve around “is this working?” or “could this be better?” each time I glance through pages. My recent technique has been to print out the rough draft and then retype it on my typing pad. This is what people used to do with typewriting. It is a good practice. The best stuff sticks and the not so good stuff goes out with the draft. My rough draft might get shorter, but it says more, in a better voice, clarity over clutter. Less is more if it tells your story better.

I think I would even use only a typewriter (yes I have a couple still), but the sound of them is a deterrent for me! Still, seeing what you type on the physical page does make you more careful along the way. Still I am taking retro methods for modern novels.

Right at present I am editing through my current project. I see what will need to be created, pulled, re-organized for clarity and punched up to fortify. This is exciting for me to do I will admit. Key here is getting it done. That is what it comes down to every time-Am I getting the work done on the current work? Always in the back of my mind.

Now my only trouble, that of many creative people, is taking down the notes for future projects and putting them aside until I finished. A new project is always exciting and filled with possibility, but I have to persist today to get what needs to be done further along.

Keep doing your best everyone. I am here rooting for you. Never give up, ever. Things will get better when you see the light growing closer on a finished project. May you write with passion and a reason every day of your life.

Keep writing.


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