Melatonin and Dreams

I am not a person who likes to take any artificial chemicals. My feeling is ibuprofen is a last resort. Yet one minor inconvenience rests on me daily insomnia. I know in part it is due to lower activity levels which mean getting to sleep in a state of awakeness is just harder, but it robs me of being completely at my best. So melatonin is in the cabinet.

I first tried this supplement about 15 years ago and found it worked well-with one interesting side effect. Now, to preface this, I have a vivid dream life that I often remember after waking. There are many dreams I could easily write about, they have stuck with me. When I take melatonin though I remember them very clearly. They are less fragments and more complete impressions. Chalking this up to the hormones properties seems the most likely answer, yet it is still pretty fascinating to me.

Sleep is very important. I am making a concerted effort to get more sleep. This means: no watching videos or surfing the internet at night, not listening to music (unless for the specific reason of sleeping) and making myself as comfortable as possible while going to bed.

I will do my best, for it all ties in with trying to get as much done each day as it possible. Busy bees make honey, so to type.

Keep writing.


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