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Back in the Saddle and Singing!

Ok, so I am not riding a horse, but I am writing which is, for me, about as good an experience as I would need to make me happy. This past week I published my 5th book!

It is a non-fiction work of tips for increasing English school students, admittedly a very small target audience, but it’s what I know so I am passing on my knowledge.
Getting a book out the door was a shot in the arm of my writing. It has made me print out and immediately start working on my 6th book. It’s a novel with a different sort of format and focus (aren’t all of my novels that way?) which needs fleshing out to make it complete. The good thing is I have a working rough draft and that means there is already a book there-I just need to hammer it into a GOOD book. Or how about a FABULOUS book, or a GRAND book? Why skimp on the superlatives while I have the chance!
My working title for my next book is The Prayers of Carmen Divine. I hope to get it out sooner than later, sometime this fall, and keep pushing forward in order to get started on other projects that need attention.
Writing is a great creative process and I feel blessed to be able to write even this blog post today. Life is short, use time wisely, put down the video game controller, pick up a pen!
Keep Writing.


Finally I Got My Next Book Out-The-Door!

Summer is not the best time for me to get my writing on, but I was finally able to edit, format and publish my latest book on Amazon! Maximum Advertising is focused on a very small market-English teachers running their own schools in Japan-but I hope it is able to help them bring in more students for their schools. You can find my book at-

Maximum Advertising for Your Small English School in Japan

Keep writing!

Maximize Advertising

A Video Journal?

Recently, in my brainstorming mindset, I have been thinking of starting a video blog to do daily entries. Partly a mind trick to keep me focused, partly another way to get my thoughts out and make my blog more personal, I am starting today with a quick and completely off the cuff entry.
It’s all about the future really. What to make of it? How to deal with possibilities? Can I get into focus and live life better?
Keep writing.

Gold River City 100 is now Available!

After much work and even more wait I have released my third novel, Gold River City 100, on Amazon. It is probably up on your countries Amazon sight so go have a look, right now, go on and make that search.

You might be wondering why release a book on the 28th of September? What is so significant about a day that happens to be in the middle of the week? Well the 28th was the day I started writing what would become this book and in honor of its completion I thought what better day to birth it than on the day I started.

Gold River City 100

What does the 100 stand for in the title? This book has 100 chapters! Each one a short story set within Gold River City, which is my fictionalization of the real city of Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. It is the city where I fell in love. Not only with my wife, but with the county as well. So the book is an amalgum of life experiences, fantasy, action, and drama from the scooped out heart of my loving memory. I hope you enjoy it, truly I do.

Keep writing.