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Drown My Frown

Drown My Frown

Can’t you hear me

everyone is out on a limb

if this world is falling for certain

I’m not gonna be fat I’ll be slim

dim your lights and open your eyes

see the moon from the outside-but oh how time flies

slippin and slide

can’t you tell me now

believe me I’m the one who should know

do you love me

or are you above see

we’re only equals if we’re equals in love

push and shove

and lovy dove

you look better in the dark

blind men know the beauty of roses

why don’t you give me a spark

that’s the way it goes and

like grains of sand

I guess you hurt me right from the start

can’t you know

make my world go up and downloaded fill me full of silence or sound

knight in armor or I’ll be your clown

drown my frown

pound for pound

I know you when you’re near

hear me

Can’t I know

which way you’ll go

or is this the only way-outburst-was-I-doubt

you’ll tell me

eventually I’ve gotta know

so please, please, please, please

tell me now

I’m waiting

no hesitating

it’s not degrading when I know it’s you

what can I do?

I’ll never lose

we all choose

can’t you let me know

please, please, please, please let me know