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Taking it to the Streets

Finally, after the wait for the snow to clear I was out posting fliers and enjoying some sunshine!

Today there is snow sliding off roofs and dripping water everywhere, but I don’t care, I got to post some fliers!


Selling Ebooks and the Pricing Game

Now that I have five books on available I have been thinking a lot about pricing. It is a sticky subject for self published authors as it can be split two ways- value or cheap.

The authors first novel!

What I mean by this is that you can try and price your book at a value price point that matches the time and (hopefully) the quality of that which you are offering your reads.

Gold River City 100mini

On the other hand you want to sell books and pricing them as really cheap seems a great way to go as it means more people will take a chance on your offering.

killing the paper tiger

The trouble is how to place a value on what you write. You should make something on them, but not set a price that will cause hesitation or ridicule from people seeing them on line. So I often change the price of my books to encourage people to take the chance and also to keep Amazon noticing the different things I am doing. It’s all about motion, for better or worse.

I can not tell you how to price your book. That is up to you. I guess the most important thing is not pricing at all, but that you are writing as much as you comfortably can!

Art in Teaching

Teaching is an art, not a science. It is helping others to learn and there-in is the challenge all teachers face. After spending years as a teacher helping children and adults I feel it is one of the most positive jobs imaginable. As a teacher I must find a way to inspire the student to remember and use the language being taught so that they can use it in the future. So that they can communicate.

We can talk about methods and we can talk about heart when it comes to teaching. Method is the bag of tricks you employ to grab the students attention and test them. Heart is the thing you’d better have in order to relate to the students as people. You need to inspire them and if your heart isn’t there, then find another job. Seriously, do something your heart is happy with in life and others will see it too.

As a writer I spend the in-between times that I am not teaching in the act of writing. If you are a teacher out there reading this blog post then please work to inspire your students to want to learn and use the target material. Be the best teacher they have ever had, though you will never be able to know if that is will be the truth for them.

We all remember good teachers. They leave a mark on us. Bad teachers too, we never shake their example from our minds. Being your best and finding your heart in teaching will find your way into people’s lives and make a difference. The job of teaching is about making a difference, about cause and effect. Effect as best you can.

Keep writing.

Log of Pogopelli- My First Time Around America’s Great Loop, Book Review

I had vaguely heard, after reading many sailing books of people circumnavigating, about a mysterious watery loop that one could take around the eastern side of America. So I went out and stumbled on what’s known as America’s Great Loop.


Usually done in a counter-clock wise direction the loop takes you up the Hudson, through the Great Lakes, down several rivers (including Big Muddy), down around Florida and back up the coast. The route is fairly safe and has limited open ocean time so it is much easier than one would expect.

The Log of Pogopelli, the 6,000 mile loop of a retired couple on a 23′ boat starting at their home turf of Chattanooga Tennessee was a great read. It was also long for the price, over 600 pages, but honestly 1/3 of that was pictures. This is not a knock, they were worth being in there and helped add another dimension to the reading experience I feel.

What I liked about this book was all the details. They talked about docking fees, what they used as resources, how they dealt with problems and traffic on big rivers like the Mississippi. Skipper Bob was one of their favorite resources I remember.

It took them a long time too, over 300 days, and they really seemed to squeeze a lot of enjoyment out of it. They are what retired people should be like, RE-TIRED (as in given new tread) not plain old tired which is what I think too many people end up being. They had a blast and it showed in their way of doing their adventure as well as in their sharing it.

A great read.

Keep writing-and reading!

Light in the Tunnel

Writing is difficult sometimes. I get bogged down and that is dangerous. It is time to keep on track with this writing thing and psych myself into moving ahead. No matter the cost!

Actually I am not the ‘no matter the cost type.’ More like the counting the cost type. Time is of the essence. It’s all I have so I should spend it wisely. Life is a short affair.

To the writing, to the creating what was not there before. That it would be better than nothing. Production, application, getting it done. Let’s get to this! You’re coming along, just to keep me company.

Keep writing.