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When a Sweatshirt Says Something Awesome

Working at a handicap day care facility teaching an English class and I noticed one of the students sweatshirts said this on it:

The best way to predict your future is to create it yourself

Wow, now that is awesome!


Keep writing.


I Haven’t Been Posting, Which Means I’ve Been Writing!

Blogging and writing are two different things. I have to get on the computer and type out a post and publish it, but writing is the act of putting down words. Good news is I have been putting down the words on the page like a maniac!

From February 18th to March 1st I was drafting a new novel. The pages will become a lot fuller and developed after a second draft, now I am trying to decide to type it on my NEO or on a manual typewriter, on a computer or draft the second draft longhand like the first. Each method has its strength, but I am hovering between longhand drafting and typewriter.

As I neared the end of my first draft I went out and did a little research about the advantages of writing long hand. Seems there are many, from better memory retention to stronger mind body manipulation.

As I posted a millenia ago, I love fountain pens. My two most used pens right now are a TWSBI Diamond 580 (with a leaky grip section) and a Noodler’s Ahab with a refitted nib. I refill with Mont Blanc Toffee Brown and Noodler’s Walnut ink respectively. To sit down and write, using 5mm graph pads (I find that the spacing of 5mm graph is much better for my cursive style than lined legal pads) and I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to in life.

When I took up drafting longhand this time it was not on purpose. It was because I just didn’t want to sit down and type. Then it dawned on me that my first full novel was also basically written longhand, though a 50 page outline, on pads and I started editing from there. So I felt in good company to write out my thoughts.

I would love to say method is not important, the process of getting it done is. For you it might be sitting at a keyboard with a cup of coffee and spilling your heart through the keys. I aplaud you, keep it up. It might also be the college student discovering a typewriter and hammering away, or a teenager with his grandfather’s fountain pen putting nib to page-it doesn’t matter. What does is if you are doing it, which I have been and am deeply glad. I hope you are too.

If you don’t see my posts you know what I am doing!

Keep writing.

Selling Ebooks and the Pricing Game

Now that I have five books on available I have been thinking a lot about pricing. It is a sticky subject for self published authors as it can be split two ways- value or cheap.

The authors first novel!

What I mean by this is that you can try and price your book at a value price point that matches the time and (hopefully) the quality of that which you are offering your reads.

Gold River City 100mini

On the other hand you want to sell books and pricing them as really cheap seems a great way to go as it means more people will take a chance on your offering.

killing the paper tiger

The trouble is how to place a value on what you write. You should make something on them, but not set a price that will cause hesitation or ridicule from people seeing them on line. So I often change the price of my books to encourage people to take the chance and also to keep Amazon noticing the different things I am doing. It’s all about motion, for better or worse.

I can not tell you how to price your book. That is up to you. I guess the most important thing is not pricing at all, but that you are writing as much as you comfortably can!