Current Available Novels


The Intelligent Octopus is an action novel. The synopsis goes:

Ron thought college life was dragging him down, but all that was about to change.
I’ve got to find a new place to hide was the only thing Dean could think about after being chased by government agents.
Kids these days, what do they care about? Ozmond Centerfield ponders as he prepares to speak to the students of Independence College.
Enter the adventure as the worlds of Ron, Dean, Agent Altern, Mr. Gibbs, Pastor Centerfield and many others collide in this action packed adventure. The Intelligent Octopus will pull you in-are you ready?

The Cards Collage

The Cards is a mystery/family drama story. Its synopsis goes:

Herman Hoyle didn’t understand why his grandparents died. The mysterious circumstances surrounding their death forced him to search for the answer, in the process he finds out these people he knew his whole life had been keeping a secret. Join Herman, who prefers his middle name Dane, on a hunt for answers across America and all the way to Japan.



Gold River City 100 is a collection of short stories. Its synopsis goes:

Author Nathan A. Emery’s third novel showcases his talent for the short story. Gold River City 100, his fictional take on the real city of Kanazawa, Japan, is a place he has spent many years exploring. Finally it has seeped into his subconscious, manifesting itself in this eclectic book. From humorous to nostalgic, adventurous to sad, and every place in between, you are invited with open arms to visit the characters and places of Gold River City.


My newest book will be released on November 11. Its synopsis goes:

Starting on February 27 2010 through three years Nathan A. Emery kept up his blog
thepapertigerpress at blog sight. This book is a collection of excerpts from those busy and happy years of writing and living in Japan as an English teacher, new father and struggling writer. From short stories to poignant observations about life Nathan shares his life in these post of the past.

Maximize Advertising

Available from August 2017 is my non-fiction book providing 8 key tips for getting new students for your English school here in Japan.

Gas Station improved

Available from May 2018 Gas Station

Maine in the last year of the 20th century was an tough place to live. Follow Nathan as he struggle to keep positive working at a gas station where anything can happen. Funny and crushing, his life finds truth among the struggles at the extreme northern end of America.




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