Petty Please?

Yes, I didn’t miss spell the name for this page!

An idea occurred to me while thinking about how to deal with transcribing many of the chapters in books I have been working on recently. The backlog of audio is enough to frustrate the writer who is trying to get the words out, but further gets them locked up in un-transcribed audio.

A solution: you!

Well that is not exactly what I meant, but as the title of this page on my blog suggests, I am looking for help in transcribing down what I have already spoken.

So here is the pitch. I will post audio, in the form of video clips via on this page and anyone can then transcribe as much of the audio as they feel is helpful.

How to get it done? Under the posted video/audio please type down what you hear in the comment box space beneath. I don’t expect everyone to transcribe the entire audio, just as much as they can, so if you type down 34 seconds  just make sure you type hat at the end of the comment so the next person has a place to start from and together it can be put down by many people over time.

You would receive my greatest appreciation and thanks for even the shortest portion of audio typed down for me. I know how it can be to transcribe, I have been doing it for a project that involves 7 hours of a trip to Kyoto.

Part experiment, part shout out for help, I hope this will work!